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Empowering seniors to meet and exceed home design challenges by merging functional and beautiful to create a better living.

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contrast colors, variety of light sources and multiple seating options make this space work for all


Lynn is a certified home modification specialist with an additional 19 years clinical occupational therapist expertise. She works closely with clients to fully understand and determine their wants and needs to remain at home successfully. Her goal is to create a better living, non-institutional, design to fulfill their life plan of staying in their own home. Looking to down size or right size? We collaborate with realtors to maximize the benefits of your new space for better living. (photo below- wide, textured inclined cement slope fluid pathway, contrast edge to stay on track) 

a textured cement inclined slope is a beautiful concept fluid pathway that provides tactile feedback


We partner with a handful of the most reputable and vetted construction companies in the KC Metro region. These teams primarily do business with approximately a 90% referral rate. Providing top quality and the best customer service, your project is our commitment to satisfaction. Have your own favorite construction company? I'm happy to accommodate your preference. (photo above- layered lighting, open spaces, adjustable seating and table options, contrast colors) 

sliding door enables open/closing without moving body position; a pedestal sink allows close access


You and your loved ones are an integral part of our team, the core.  'Til death do us part is how many feel about their home as well as life partner. By incorporating lighting, textures, colors and integral physical elements, we help you and your family prepare for long term living to age in place more gracefully. Plan or panic? Be prepared for potential health challenges and avoid making essential changes to your living environment when in a crisis mode. We customize your design merging functional and beautiful into better living for every life phase. Two types of people benefit from utilizing better living designs, 1) Everyone in a crisis and 2) Everyone with a plan. Design your plan TODAY! (photo left- sliding door and pedestal sink easily accessible)

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